A new concept of açaí

Ultra was created to encourage people to live intensely. For us it is no use just being present, you need to feel what each moment has to offer you. Ultra exists for incredible experiences to happen. Life does not wait, so we will enhance everything around you so you can live now!

Main advantages

Discover the main advantages of having Ultracaí products in your commercial establishment.

Legal Invoice

Purchase our products with legal invoice and offer products with origin and responsibility.

Quality and Flavor

Products made with the best of fruit. Ideal for açaí houses, ice cream parlors, convenience stores, market and commerce in general.

Low Investment

You can use your current freezer to store Ultraçaí products or we will give you a freezer in the form of lending.

Free delivery

Free delivery to all establishments located in the Greater CDE area. Consult us about delivery in your city.

Request a business contact

Schedule a conversation and learn about ways to
commercialization of Ultraçaí in its establishment.

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